Premium Cocoa

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Want to indulge in Chocolate Bliss? Give our Premium Cocoa a try on its own! 

Cocoa powder comes from cacao beans. The beans are fermented, dried, roasted and cracked into nibs. Then, the nibs are pressed to remove 75% of their cocoa butter. This leaves us with chocolate liquor. The pasty liquor is dried and then ground into unsweetened cocoa powder. Ready to be made into a drink on its own or mix it in other drinks and desserts! 

Our beans are dutch-processed. Dutch-process cocoa powder starts with cocoa beans that have been washed in alkaline solution of potassium carbonate. This wash neutralizes their acidity. So, dutch-process cocoa powder is neutral. Alkalizing cocoa makes it darker in color, mellow in flavor, and dissolves easily into liquids.